Meet our founders
Building, Redefined.

Matthew Tidwell

An all-around professional, Matthew knows the ins and outs of construction from the views of “the field,” as well as the office. He began his career almost 20 years ago with a superintendent role, which he held for nearly seven years. With a desire to expand his abilities, Matthew took a position as a project manager and excelled through his hands-on experience, great attention to detail and down-to-earth personality. This immense and versatile knowledge uniquely positions him to help clients form and finalize their designs, one of his favorite aspects of the job. To contact Matthew, please click here.

Louis Catignani

Following graduation from Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN, where he earned a degree in construction management, Louis got his start in the industry as a project engineer. After gaining a good foundation of the business, he soon began managing his own projects and realized his calling. Today, with two decades of experience under his belt, Louis finds excitement in making the numbers work while ensuring the highest quality result. This passion, combined with his proactive communication and strong leadership skills, keep clients coming back time and again. To contact Louis, please click here.

Each crew sent to do something, whether it was frame, carpet, paint… all had the exact same goals as what the management at MTLC had portrayed to me. One of the phrases that I heard many times throughout the project was, ‘…whatever we need to do.’ With a long history of being in the construction industry myself, when that is the response you get from the person running the job that means their focus is 100% customer satisfaction! That is their aim, that is their goal, and that’s the product that MTLC Building Group produces, 100% customer satisfaction!

-Dennis Dorris, Power Equipment Company (Nashville, TN)